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Psychology must have a meaningful influence resting on a body of knowledge and theory, if communities are to truly thrive.


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Coping Ahead: Working with Clients to Prepare for Disaster Anniversaries

In Clinical, Featured Article, Public News, Therapy

The anniversary of a hurricane or other disaster can provide an important opportunity to review a client’s gains as well as process reactions to the disaster, continue to work through grief responses, and collaborate to cope with unhelpful reactions ahead of time. Anniversary reactions that are more intense may require more targeted treatments for trauma, anxiety, or other significant symptoms.

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How I Learned to Listen to my Inner Psychologist?

In Developmental, Public News

Toward the end of my first stint as a child psychologist, a high school classmate’s sister called during the ten-minute gap between patients. I took the call because I remembered her, and I was curious. It turned out to be one of those times my own thoughts came out of someone else’s mouth, which is why it’s stuck with me so long.

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You’ll Never Say You Had a Bad Day Again

In Counseling, Featured Article, Public News, Therapy

As I write this, the truth is that I am tired. The truth is also that I am having a lovely day. Yes, there have been some hard moments, but there have also been some beautiful moments. I am not failing today; I am living. It is not a bad day. It is a nuanced day.

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