Diversity Statement:

In accordance with APA ethical standards, LPA asserts the importance of affirming diverse identities and voices within our community.  As a means of promoting human welfare, LPA strives to treat all people with respect and dignity, without discrimination, irrespective of age, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, disability, language, national origin, culture, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

In LPA, we work to create welcoming spaces where colleagues and clients alike can feel seen, heard, and most of all included.  Within our various roles as clinicians, consultants, educators, researchers, and community leaders, we commit to increasing equity in the world through action.  As such, we work towards continually improving the profession of psychology by enhancing competence to effectively serve diverse clients and communities, by confronting intolerance and bigotry in all its forms, and by applying the science of psychology to counter injustice and inequity.

We acknowledge the historical and current lived experiences of oppression for members of marginalized groups based on their specific identities.  We also acknowledge that the way our profession has pursued and generated knowledge has historically disregarded the perspectives and lived experiences of marginalized groups.  We wish our science to apply to the full range of human experience, and so we advocate for inclusion of diverse populations as valued members of our profession, as well as our communities, as a first step in change.  LPA is committed to taking action to confront and dismantle systemic oppression in all its forms.  We actively seek to increase equity for members of marginalized groups through education, advocacy, training, and personal action.



Diversity Committee:

The purpose of the Louisiana Psychological Association Diversity Committee is to ensure an ongoing commitment to multicultural issues by interweaving these matters into the organizational structure and strategic goals of LPA and the greater psychological community of Louisiana.
Chair: Stephanie M. Grant, Ph.D.

As a means of striving for diversity the committee aims:

  • To foster diversity within LPA membership and leadership
  • To assist with development of programming aimed to increase cultural competence of membership and implement initiatives that support diversity
  • To create and sustain relationships with other professional organizations that share LPA’s value regarding diversity
  • And to engage and promote the rich cultural heritage of our local community

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