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Message from the President:

The Executive Council of LPA understands that our members are facing extraordinary challenges.  Psychologists all over the world are meeting the stresses and mental health demands presented by COVID-19, while exercising self-care.  With so much uncertainty, accurate information is vital.  I want you to know that LPA is active in clarifying concerns of our members and supporting the shifting methodologies for delivering psychological services during this crisis.  

Licensed psychologists should have received an email from LSBEP clarifying the licensing board's position on the delivery of telehealth services by licensed psychologists.  If you need additional information, I encourage you to reach out the LSBEP whose responsibility is to protect the public in receiving psychological services.

APA and other resources are working hard to support psychologists as we all transition to different methods for providing healthcare to our clients/patients.  LPA, through Julie Nelson's prescient actions, will be offering online assistance on how to deliver telehealth services.  Reminder announcements are forthcoming.  LPA's responsibility is to support psychologists in evidence-based delivery of psychological services.

If you have not read yesterday's article in the New York Times, I encourage you to access the information concerning what will hopefully occur in the coming days. Unfortunately, if recent reports are accurate, Louisiana may experience a higher prevalence of COVID-19 than other states.  Hence, our professional services will be more in demand while we all strive to care for our families and ourselves.

As Kim VanGeffen said to me this morning, "The LPA leadership is also here to help you in any way that we can.  Please feel free to reach out to us.  We will be providing a free webinar on telepsychology to our members this Wednesday afternoon.  We are also offering to host a weekly online information/support meeting for our members.  These are incredibly difficult times and psychologists have both the expertise and compassion to help each other to get through this and to continue to provide good care to our patients and clients.  If you are interested in participating in such a group, please send a backchannel email to Kim VanGeffen."  This could be very helpful to you.

LPA is your state professional organization.  Let us know how we can best support you in these exceedingly difficult but surmountable times.  I'm grateful that LPA has experienced, positive members and able leaders on the Executive Council.  We will get through this.  

W. Alan Coulter
LPA President


Resources for Your Practice:

Telehealth Webinars:

LPA will be offering two webinars on use of telehealth for psychology in Louisiana.  They are both being offered free of charge and will be recorded for later use.  Email Julie Nelson, Ph.D. if you are interested in participating.

Wednesday, March 25th, 1:00pm

We have asked Dr. Marc Zimmermann and his associate Lawrence Salone (ABD) to present a webinar for us regarding the nuts and bolts of setting up your telepsychology practice.

Wednesday, March 25th, 3:00pm

Dr. Julia Lott from the VA in Alexandria has also generously offered to present on the telehealth topic of rapport building online and also on safety issues (such as suicide risk).

LPA will continue to assess the needs of our members to provide relative training and support.  Please check this site and monitor the LPA listserv for the newest information.


Telehealth Resources from APA:

The American Psychological Association (APA) has opened its telehealth content to everyone, including that which is usually only available to APA members.  They have multiple webinars available free of charge, guidelines for the practice of telehealth psychology, and resources for managing stress during the COVID-19 crisis. 

APA Telepsychology webpage:

COVID-19: Keeping Your Distance to Stay Safe:

COVID-19 and psychology services: How to protect your patients and your practice:

Telehealth Rules and Guidelines in Louisiana:

Telepsychology, or psychological services delivered via telehealth, is a method of practice in which services are delivered through interactive audio/visual virtual interface.  Psychologists in Louisiana have been practicing telepsychology since before the current COVID-19 health crisis.  However, many more psychologists are incorporating telepsychology and/or telephone services into their practice in order to provide continuity of care during the current crisis.

The following links may be helpful in incorporating telepsychology into your practice:

The Louisiana State Board of Examiners of Psychologists (LSBEP) website provides rules and guidelines for the practice of telepsychology and tele-supervision:

Gov. Edwards issued a Stay at Home Order on March 22, 2020 for residents of Louisiana:

Gov. Edwards issued a proclamation on March 19th encouraging facilitation of telehealth services:

For statutes related to telepsychology services pre-existing the current crisis, please see the following links:

RS 40:1223.1-5 – Allows for provision of telepsychology with interactive audio/visual interface. Allows for interactive audio only when deemed appropriate by the provider.

 Being Well:

Tips for Wellness Under Stress:

Coping with Anxiety around Coronavirus Coverage:

Talking to Kids about Coronavirus and COVID-19:

Simple Activities for Children and Adolescents:


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