One mission of the Committee on Legal and Ethical Issues is the promotion of the highest ethical standards for training, research, and practice in Psychology. To this aim, we are available to provide assistance and advice to psychologists and LPA members who have questions or concerns that involve professional ethical and legal issues relevant to psychologists and forensic psychological practice. Consultation requests are CONFIDENTIAL. Each request is received by the Chair or the Chair’s delegate. All identifying information is removed, details are changed, and any committee member with personal or potentially conflicting interests is excluded. The anonymized request is brought to the committee for discussion. The committee discusses the request and, if needed, consults other practitioners and researchers. We arrive at a consensus response, or if we cannot,  we provide both views and an honest discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of each and the reason for any disagreement.  

Psychologists and LPA members may submit a request to the committee online via the LPA website. Once the committee has discussed the question and consulted necessary references and subject matter experts, the Chair will provide you with the committee’s response in writing. 

We want to give psychologists all the resources and support they need to avoid illegal, unethical, and ineffective practice. Please remember, however, that we are not attorneys. Professional consult is not a substitute for competent legal representation, and you should absolutely call an attorney if you need one. 

*Please contact the Chair or a committee member if you have questions or would like assistance with the consultation request process.

Ethics Consultation Submission