The following interest groups fall under the purview of the Membership & Membership Services Committee. Please contact the interest group chair(s) if you have questions, concerns, or would like to volunteer.

Health Psychology Chris Leonhard, Psy.D.
IO & Consulting Gig Costelloe Ph.D.
VA & Military John Magee, Ph.D. and Christopher Parkinson, Ph.D., ABPP
Community & Public Relations Open
Medical Psychology  Marc Zimmermann, Ph.D., M.P.
School Psychology
George Hebert, Ph.D.
Academic/Scientific Amanda M. Raines Ph.D.
Rural & Telehealth  Tiffany Jennings, Psy.D.
Early Career  Laura Brown, Ph.D.
Private Practice  Kim VanGeffen, Ph.D.
Neuropsychological Assessment  Mike Chafetz, Ph.D., APBB
Psychotherapy  Denise Newman, Ph.D.