Welcome to the LPA Interest Group Page!

Interest Groups (IGs) are small groups of LPA members joined together by common interests for the purpose of information sharing, consultation, and collegial networking. These groups are typically engaged about contemporary professional, ethical and/or academic/scientific topics. IGs are supported through the LPA Membership and Member Services Committee (M&MS) as a service to members to promote member engagement.

IGs typically gather during the Lunch-&-Learn sessions held at the LPA Fall and Spring Conferences, and may also engage via periodic Zoom meetings and by IG-specific listservs throughout the year, at the discretion of the IG chair. Interest group listservs provide an electronic forum for the regular exchange of information, wisdom, and experiences in the area of psychology specific to the interest of members of that group (e.g., networking; announcing conferences and continuing education offerings; research and articles; info on relevant apps, websites, and videos)

Each IG is facilitated by an IG chairperson. Below is a listing of the current LPA interest groups, chairperson and their contact email.

Private Practice Interest Group* – Kim VanGeffen, Ph.D.
*Indicates this IG includes a Listserv

To register to join an IG, simply complete the IG Registration Form below. You will receive a confirmation email notification from a member of the Membership Committee welcoming you. You may discontinue your IG membership by simply emailing the IG chairperson. Your listserv participation is optional (by selection on the registration form). The IGs indicated by an asterisk above now support listservs. Others may be added in the future.

NOTE: If you are subscribing to a Listserv, please be mindful of the LPA Rules of Participation listed via the link below. You will receive a separate notification of your listserv subscription. You may easily unsubscribe at any time you choose by following the instructions in the email.

LPA Listserv Rules of Participation

In addition, please be mindful of the following IG-specific Rules of Participation:

  • Please keep the content of listserv postings for this interest group specific to the area of interest of the group. General information may be shared on the LPA general listserv.
  • Information shared does not constitute clinical supervision or professional advice, nor can this exchange be counted as continuing education.
  • Sharing of any identifying client-specific information is absolutely forbidden.
  • Neither LPA nor the interest group chair are responsible for any advice or recommendations taken by any individual member of this group.
  • Please be kind, courteous, and respectful in your communications. Healthy debates are natural and welcome. Respectful interactions are the expectation.

LPA Interest Group Registration Form – Here you will be asked to enter your Member Login (ID & Password) to register. From there, select “Interest Group Registration” under the “Membership” menu.

NOTE: By registering you automatically assent to abide by all LPA Rules of Participation

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Chair of the Interest Group(s) of your choice listed above or a member of the Membership & Member Services Committee listed below.

We very much look forward to your participation!


LPA Membership & Member Services Committee (M&MS)

Randall Lemoine, Chair – RandallLemoine@gmail.com

Gail Gillespie, Co-Chair – GailGillespie13@gmail.com