Interest Groups (IGs) are small groups of LPA members, joined together by common interests, that typically meet during the Lunch-and-Learn sessions of the LPA Fall Workshop and Spring Conference for the purpose of information sharing, continuing education, and collegial networking following a facilitated dialogue format.

These groups typically focus on contemporary professional and ethical issues facing psychologists. At the annual meeting, there is often a subtopic of interest corresponding to the theme of the meeting. IGs also may Zoom meet at other times during the year as may serve the interests of their group. All LPA members are invited to join any one or multiple IGs, as they choose. IGs are supported through the LPA Membership & Member Services Committee as a service to members and as a means of promoting member engagement.

Each IG is organized and facilitated by an IG Chair who maintains the membership roster of the group. Below is a listing of the current LPA Interest Groups showing the Chairperson(s) and contact email. If you have interest in LPA organizing a group beyond those listed below, please do contact Dr. Randy Lemoine, LPA Membership and Members Services Chair.

Health Psychology Chris Leonhard, Ph.D.
IO & Consulting Gig Costelloe Ph.D.
VA & Military Christopher Parkinson, Ph.D., ABPP
Community & Public Relations Open
Medical Psychology Open
School Psychology
George Hebert, Ph.D.
Academic/Scientific Amanda M. Raines Ph.D.
Rural & Telehealth Tiffany Jennings, Psy.D.
Early Career Laura Brown, Ph.D.
Private Practice Kim VanGeffen, Ph.D.
Neuropsychological Assessment Open
Psychotherapy Denise Newman, Ph.D.