MDMA as a Catalyst for Effective Treatment of PTSD

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A key aspect behind why MDMA is demonstrating effectiveness for the management and treatment of PTSD in a clinical setting, is its apparent ability to assist patients to be more expressive during a controlled psychotherapy session. MDMA appears to reduce anxiety associated with recalling traumatic experiences allowing for increased insight and memory. Negative memories are perceived as less negative allowing for the therapist and the patient to engage in productive therapeutic sessions without the patient becoming hyper-aroused due to stress.

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From APA: New Faces to the Field

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Efforts to recruit diverse students into psychology look promising: The percentage of racial- and ethnic­ minority psychology graduate students grew from 27% in the 2006–07 academic year to 35% in 2016–17, with increases for every ethnic-minority category tracked, according to a new analysis of data from APA’s annual Graduate Study in Psychology survey of psychology graduate programs. The largest increases were for students who identified as Hispanic or multiethnic, and master’s students were slightly more diverse than doctoral students.

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