Message from the President:
August 21, 2021

Dear Members of LPA

It is an honor to have been elected to serve as your president for the 2021-2022 term. I have previously served as a member of the executive council and as chair of the communications committee which I believe have thoroughly prepared me to lead our organization.

As we move forward into our second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the challenges that we have faced endure. However, our discipline is acutely equipped to aid the healthcare community as well as the general public with respect to navigating this state of affairs. Identifying reputable research, navigating and resolving ambivalence regarding medical decisions, and addressing compassion fatigue are but a few of the myriad ways our discipline can continue to support our community at large. While the pandemic remains salient in our lives, the next year will most certainly focus on other important issues relevant to our members and profession.

As LPA president, I will ensure that our organization is grounded in the science of psychological research with respect to education, practice, and support. This is pivotal to maintaining our professional identify and reputation. With that being said, LPA is the largest organization within Louisiana for psychologists. I believe that increasing diversity within our membership with respect to identity, region, career status, and specialty among other factors increases both our representation and ability to bring about desired changes for the people that we serve. Finally, as your president I intend to focus on the sustainability of LPA as a member-driven organization, by implementing changes that will support and empower those who choose to serve.

To achieve these ends, I have a fantastic executive council with which to do the hard, albeit rewarding work. However, I invite any member who wishes to serve LPA to contact me directly for guidance and support. As a volunteer organization, we rely on the participation of our members in service of the profession.