Declaration of Candidacy

Please fill out the form below and submit by 12am (midnight) on May 7, 2023. 


We are seeking candidates for President-Elect, Secretary, and 2 Directors

**A person may be a candidate for more than one office, but may not serve in more than one office. 


President-Elect: The President-Elect shall serve as the assistant to the President; shall preside at meetings of the membership or Executive Council in the President’s absence; shall prepare for service as President of the association, and shall succeed to the presidency of the association when the President’s term ends. The President serves then as Past-President.


Secretary: The Secretary is the custodian of the association records; shall prepare minutes of all association and Executive Council meetings; and shall give all required notices of official meetings of the LPA and its Executive Council. The Secretary may delegate duties to an assistant.


Director: Directors shall serve as members of the Executive Council and shall have such other duties as the membership or the Executive Council shall designate. Two Directors shall have terms expiring in odd-numbered years, and three shall have terms expiring in even numbered year.




  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • I declare my candidacy for election to the Louisiana Psychological Association’s office(s) on the Executive Council selected below. I certify that I hold the qualifications of full member in good standing. I also consent to serve and fulfill the obligations incumbent upon me should I be elected to this office.
  • Candidate’s Statement and Information: LPA bylaws provide for a candidate to include such statement or information as the candidate may care to provide for and which will be furnished to the membership along with the ballots. You may write or type your statement here, or you may upload a file containing your statement and/or information below.
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • Please read and digitally sign below to declare your candidacy and acceptance of service: I. If elected by the membership, I agree to actively serve on the LPA Executive Council. I understand that this includes: a) Attending and fully participating in all Executive Council meetings to the best of my ability; b) Attending and participating in assigned committee meetings to the best of my ability; c) Arriving for meetings fully prepared on the issues to be discussed; e) Promoting the programs, goals, mission and vision of the association; and f) Faithfully discharging duties that may be assigned to me. II. I agree to abide by the LPA Bylaws.