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We hope you will consider becoming a member of the Louisiana Psychological Association, and join with us to promote the science and profession of psychology.

We believe there are many benefits to being a member. Here are just a few:

• We have committees, training, and communication methods that provide you opportunities to network with others to exchange practice ideas, knowledge and experience.

• We provide continuing professional development opportunities and training at a reduced cost for our members. The CE opportunities are designed by psychologists who understand the conditions in our state and work to tailor these efforts to the needs of our members.

• We provide a Speakers’ Bureau, teaching opportunities, and a public directory, for our members.

• Our legislative, governmental, and professional affairs committees work to advance the science and profession in order to benefit the larger community. We also represent psychology and psychologists’ interest in boards, insurance companies, federal advocacy issues, and other professions, providing one consistent and unified voice.

• We work to link with psychological scientists around our state to advance the science of psychology and safeguard the freedom of scientific inquiry, teaching and new findings.

• Members are part of the APA state association network.

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