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Louisiana Psychological Association

For over 70 years, LPA has been Louisiana psychologists premiere organization, striving to support and advance psychology as a science, as profession, and as a means of promoting health, education, and human welfare.”

LPA is inclusive of the great diversity of psychology in Louisiana, both applied and scientific, and across all specialties and professional activities, promoting psychological science and service, professionally and legislatively. Here are just a few of the many benefits of LPA membership:

Fall & Spring Conferences – Get up to 18 hours of premium-quality continuing education offerings presented by national experts at each conference and offered at a discount to members; Also, attend Lunch & Learn dialogues and network with colleagues; participate in presentations of the latest psychological research at the Science Café; get updates by the state licensing board and on state legislative efforts and professional endeavors; participate in LPA governance, and much more!

ListServ – Participate on the LPA ListServ to regularly join-in electronic communications with member psychologists across the state for purposes of networking, referrals, and information sharing

Legislative, Governmental, and Professional Affairs committees – working together to advance the science, profession, and public welfare, representing interests/concerns of LA psychologists

Interest Groups – Organized to serve the interests of various groups of members, such as: Private Practice; Academic/Scientific; School Psychology; VA Psychology; NeuroPsychology; Medical Psychology, and more, typically meeting at conferences and through on-line ZOOM meetings

Speakers Bureau - Through the Speakers Bureau members can volunteer to provide presentations and workshops as a community service on topics of interest and concern to the public, providing visibility of their particular expertise and services

Find a PsychologistNew for 2020 this LPA website feature will enable both members and the public to query the member data base to find a psychologist with the needed expertise for service or consultation in their locale

Links to APA & local societies of psychologists * LPA Website & Newsletter * Socials * & More

Join your colleagues as together we make a difference in LA Psychology!

Questions, interests or concerns? Please feel free to contact:
Alan Coulter, PhD., Interim Chair, Membership & Member Services Committee
[email protected] or 504.296.6295                                                 

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