LPA receives organizational grant from APA

Dr. William Costelloe, LPA Treasurer, Dr, Kim Van Geffen, LPA Director are pleased to announce that LPA has received an $11,000 grant from the APA Practice Organization.  These grants are awarded to smaller state associations in order to help fund certain administrative costs such as the salaries of an Executive Director and a Lobbyist.
Both of these positions are important to the functioning of LPA.  In fact, the Louisiana Legislature is currently in session.  LPA's lobbyist, Keli Williams, is helping the LPA Legislative Committee to monitor all proposed legislation which may have an impact on mental health in our state.  When necessary, we contact legislators in order to offer input and suggestions about changes to proposed legislation which will better serve psychologists and those whom our work impacts.  Dr. Julie Nelson, LPA President, recenlty announced that Ms. Terry Lindemann will be our new Executive Liason & Membership Coordinator.  We are excited to have the additional funds from APA to assist us in hiring these important positions.


Nominations accepted for LPA Awards

LPA  is excited to announce that Dr. Mike Chafetz has graciously agreed to chair the Awards Committee for our up-coming Convention, on May 18 & 19.
With the help of his committee, Mike will accept and review nominations, including self-nominations, for the expanded list of Awards, approved last year by the Executive Council.
Along with our traditional “Distinguished Psychologist” and “Early Career Psychologist” the three new honors are:
            • Award for Contributions in Psychological Science
            • Psychology in the Public Interest Award
            • Award for Distinguished Service
Nominees can be LPA members or non-members, practitioners or researchers, professors or students, and in any specialty or subspecialty.
These awards aim to recognize and acknowledge the scientific, professional, and community contributions and achievements of our colleagues in psychology. They help to define and crystalize our unique talents and our value to others in society.
Please join LPA in sending the names of your nominees to Mike and his committee, for any and all of the five awards. He may be e-mailed at [email protected].  We hope to see you at the Convention!