LPA & the Legislative Process :

LPA is committed to strengthening our political outreach and advocating for the interests of Louisiana psychologists and mental health issues that are important to the public.  Through our Legislative & Governmental Affairs Committee, LPA has been instrumental in maintaining standards of psychological practice in Louisiana, protecting patients’ rights, and supporting public policy through psychological science.  The current chair of the Legislative and Governmental Affairs committee is Erin Reuther, Ph.D., ABPP.

Every year the Louisiana State Legislature introduces hundreds of bills, some of which affect the practice of psychology. The LPA legislative and governmental affairs committee reviews every bill relevant to psychology to determine the potential impact on psychologists, the patients we serve, and social issues that can be informed by psychological science. The committee, together with the LPA executive council, determines LPA’s position on each bill.  We then actively work with legislators throughout the legislative process to advocate for the interests of psychologists and to ensure that policy and legislation is informed by psychological science.  To learn more about how a bill becomes law, please visit the Louisiana Legislature.

As an affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA), LPA is involved in federal advocacy initiatives and regularly lobbies for federal issues that affect psychology.  For a list of APA’s current advocacy initiatives, please visit APA’s federal advocacy pageThe current Federal Advocacy Coordinator is Lacey Seymour, Ph.D. To learn more about how to impact both local and federal advocacy initiatives, please refer to the APA advocacy guide and toolkit.


Legislative Update:

Due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, priorities for the 2020 legislative session have been focused on addressing budget concerns and addressing needs of the crisis including provisions for tele-health services and ensuring access to care for those in need. Many committee hearings have been postponed.

Prior to these changes, the LPA legislative and governmental affairs committee was monitoring several bills of interest including:

SB 458, Luneau Provides relative to the Louisiana State Board of Examiners of Psychologists.

  • The LPA legislative and governmental affairs committee currently has 3 members appointed from the committee and the LPA executive council serving on the AdHoc Legislative Collaborative Committee. This is a committee with representatives from LSBEP, LPA, and the Louisiana School Psychological Association (LSPA) to review language in the bill through a collaborative process. LSBEP passed a motion at their board meeting in March to not move forward with the legislative process for this bill until the committee reached agreement.

HB 391, MarinoProvides for screening, diagnosis, and intervention with respect to students with dyslexia

HB 449, Echols Provides relative to behavioral health services delivered via telehealth

HB 505, Bishop Establishes the licensed profession of art therapist

HB 503, EcholsProvides for coverage of healthcare services provided through telehealth or telemedicine

SB 142, MorrisProhibits certain restrictive agreements as to the practice of medicine. (8/1/20)

SB 128, BarrowRequires certain assessments of a student prior to suspension from school

SB 172, MizellProvides for the Save Women’s Sports Act

HB 466, AmedeeProvides relative to the gender of members of school athletic teams

HB 338, DuplessisProvides relative to physical and mental health information of an offender appearing before the committee on parole

HB 138, WrightRequires the use of video cameras in classrooms where special education services are provided to certain students with exceptionalities

SB 389, BouieProvides relative to the Louisiana Social Work Practice Act

HB 822, CarterRevises the Addictive Disorders Practice Act

We encourage members and the public to stay informed of legislation that impacts the field and practice of psychology in Louisiana. To read the text of any bills, you may go visit the Louisiana Legislature. Once you are at the website, click “Bills” at the top of the page, then “2020 Regular Session” to view and read bills from the current 2020 regular session.

See a separate page for LPA’s previous legislative session activity.