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Calling All LPA Members!

Make A Difference in Louisiana Psychology

Join-in the  LPA Membership Campaign  Today

The 2019-20 LPA Membership Campaign is now underway October 1, 2019  to January 30, 2020, with the dual goals of increasing memberships and seeking ways to better serve and engage you!

This memo is to invite you to join-in the LPA Membership Campaign today, pledging to encourage your non-member colleagues to join us, and pledging to renew your own membership this coming January. There are many critical issues/ developments on the horizon for which you and your colleagues can make a difference through your active participation as LPA members. LPA needs you all in order to continue to be the strong and representative voice of Psychology in Louisiana!

During this special 2019-20 campaign, current LPA members will receive a $25 dues cash-back reward for each new member who is recruited and joins, up to the full price of membership, and each new member who joins will receive a $25 discount cash-back on their first-year dues!**  New members will immediately get membership benefits including the discount on the LPA Fall conference on November 1st and also will not have to pay dues again until January, 2021!  What a bargain!

Why not plan to take a psychology colleague to lunch, dinner or coffee, and invite them to join you in taking part in Louisiana’s premier organization of psychologists? Or invite a colleague to join you at the LPA November Fall Conference or LPA Christmas Social (watch for the announcement).

Attached is a membership flyer that you may find useful in your member recruitment efforts. Feel free to copy/ distribute it as you choose (the flyer is also on LPA website). And remember to share with your colleagues your own perspectives/ personal experiences regarding the many benefits of LPA membership.

**NOTE: Please ask each new member that you recruit to please enter your name and contact info on their LPA membership application in the indicated LPA Sponsor space, so that you will be credited for your cash-back reward upon your own membership renewal this January. Or, if you prefer, you may instead choose to contribute your recruitment reward funds to the LPA Charity.

And as a current LPA member, please do let us know ways to better serve and engage you in your own efforts to support and advance LA psychology and to be of service to your community.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon together with your newly joined colleagues at the upcoming Christmas Social and/or Interest Group ZOOM meeting!

Thanks much for your LPA membership and making a difference in LA Psychology!

Questions, interests or concerns? Please feel free to contact:

Alan Coulter, Ph.D., Interim Chair, Membership & Member Services Committee

[email protected] or 504.296.6295   

- Revised 09.30.2019