Call For Posters


LPA invites proposals for poster presentations of scientific and clinical research for the upcoming 2019 convention! This year’s theme is “Psychology: Making a Difference” and will be held on Friday, June 14, 2019 and Saturday, June 15, 2019 at the Sheraton Hotel in Metairie, LA. The poster session will be held on Friday morning.

Instructions for Poster Proposals

This year LPA will be accepting posters from two different categories, original data collection and evidence-based practice. All proposals should exhibit a focus on empirical research and/or clinical study. Proposals must be accompanied by a completed information sheet for poster proposals, which is attached. A 200-300 word abstract of each poster presentation is required. The abstract should be prepared according to APA publication guidelines. See "categories" below for additional details. The deadline for proposals is May 27, 2019.

Individuals who have presentations accepted for the poster session must prepare a poster (maximum 3' x 3') with text, tables, and/or graphs in APA format that are readable from a distance of 2-3 feet. Presenters must also bring a tri-fold project board to display their poster on a tabletop. Handouts of the complete presentation should also be available at the session.

NOTE: If your poster is accepted to be included in the poster session you will be notified by email. Each researcher (licensed or not) who plans to attend the conference will be required to pay the conference registration fee, which is $35. The registration fee alone does not permit presenters to obtain continuing education (CE) credits from the conference. If you wish to enroll in the conference for CE's please visit the LPA website for additional cost information. If you purchase full day attendance for the conference you will not be required to pay the registration fee.

Who May Submit Proposals

Any LPA member or non-member (with a LPA member sponsor) may submit proposals for the Convention. Students are strongly encouraged to work closely with their program advisors prior to submitting a proposal.


  1. Original Research - a research endeavor that involves the gathering of data from subjects · Abstracts must include: objective, method, results and conclusion.
  2. Evidence-Based Practice - an examination of literature related to the implementation of a psychological principle · Abstracts must include: purpose, problem description, best practice guidelines, and future directions


The Louisiana Psychological Association is pleased to announce that monetary awards will be presented accordingly at the 2019 LPA Convention following the poster session:

      • Undergraduate Award
      • Graduate Award 
      • Post-Doctoral Award



The deadline for submission is May 27, 2019. Submissions should be sent electronically to or online.