Tulane’s Dr. Cunningham Nominated as Diversity Delegate

October 2017 LPA has nominated Dr. Michael Cunningham, Tulane Professor, for the state’s Diversity Delegate to the American Psychological Association for 2018. “Dr. Cunningham is an outstanding leader in our community in the area of diversity, an African American, a psychologist, educa...

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Louisiana Children’s Trust Fund Board Nominees

October 2017 President Julie Nelson and the Executive Council wish to thank our member Dr. Julie Larrieu for serving on the Children's Trust Fund Board over these last years. “Thank you Dr. Larrieu for your service to our children!” Dr. Larrieu's term expired recently and the Governor'...

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Dr. Alan Coulter Named to Bullying Prevention Task Force (copy)

September 2017 LPA has named W. Alan Coulter, PhD to the Louisiana Bullying Awareness and Treatment Task Force. Dr. Coulter is a licensed psychologist and the Chair of our School Psychology Committee for LPA. Dr. Coulter is the Director of Program Area for the School of Allied Health Professions,...

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