Dr. Breidenstine Appointed to Children’s Trust Fund

On December 12 the Governor announced that he appointed Angela S. Breidenstine, Ph.D., of New Orleans, to the Louisiana Children's Trust Fund Board. Breidenstine is a licensed clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor at Tulane University School of Medicine's Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Dr. Breidenstine will serve as a representative of the Louisiana Psychological Association.

Dr. Breidenstine earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from the Curry Programs in Clinical and School Psychology at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, in 2004. She completed her dissertation, “Protective Factors in the Lives of Children Experiencing the Risks of Poverty and Maternal Depression.” She completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where she continued as a psychology associate. She came to Tulane in late 2005 and she has served as clinical instructor and now assistant professor. Dr. Breidenstine has published in the area, including “Foster care in early childhood,” in the Handbook of Infant Mental Health, C.H. Zeanah, editor; “Like a Different Child: One family’s commitment to healing, one step at a time,” in Zero to Three Journal; and “Attachment and Trauma in Early Childhood: A Review,” in Assessment of Trauma in Youths, K. Nader, editor.

In another press release on December 14, Governor Edwards applauded the Fund recipients and the success of the first grantee meeting of the Trust Fund. Grantees attending the meeting from around the state were awarded a total of $858,960 to be used for child abuse and neglect prevention throughout Louisiana over the next year, said the announcement.

During the 2017 legislative session, administration of the Children’s Trust Fund was transferred to the Governor’s Office through legislation sponsored by Sen. Regina Barrow. Grantees in attendance at the first meeting were awarded money in order to fulfill the mission of the Children’s Trust Fund––to prevent child abuse and neglect among Louisiana’s children and families through building strong cross-sector partnerships and through increased child safety public awareness, said the announcement.

“Protecting our most vulnerable children has been a priority for my wife Donna and I, so we are incredibly grateful for all of the work being done by community organizations around the state through the Louisiana Children’s Trust Fund grants,” said Gov. Edwards. “Sen. Regina Barrows’ legislation bringing the fund into my office will allow us to elevate this priority and continue the important work of preventing child abuse and neglect in Louisiana.”

In 1983, following a devastating child abuse fatality, the Louisiana Legislature unanimously passed the Louisiana Children’s Trust Fund Act to prioritize and separate funds for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Louisiana then became the 5th state in the United States of America to establish the Children’s Trust Fund.

The purpose of the Louisiana Children’s Trust Fund are:

1. Support community-based efforts to develop, operate, expand, enhance, and coordinate initiatives, programs, and activities to prevent child abuse and neglect

2. Support the coordination of resources and activities to better strengthen and support families to reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect

3. Foster understanding, appreciation and knowledge of diverse populations in order to effectively prevent and treat child abuse and neglect.